The Objects of Power

Even more instructive than our mental models may be our mental mythologies

By Daniel Golliher

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The lore of the time wand could fill volumes. It converts terrible market losses into fantastic wealth–it will merely stretch your time horizon by decade to do so. It will lift you from deep melancholy and drudgery, all within a year or two; the darkest moments of your life will precede the brightest with the time wand. Over and over it will transform your life and your expectations of the possible.

Of course, the time wand is a cursèd artifact for many. Its danger rivals its power, and the former is more easily realized. In fact, it is only useful when combined with other objects of power, lest it draw on the life force of its user to achieve their ends. As legions have discovered only when the damage is permanent, it can be a most ruinous thing.

For you see, it is easier to avoid stupidity than to achieve wisdom. The genius of the stone’s underlying design is that it makes its owner unable to forget this. But open use and advocacy for the stone is often mocked.

But who is the real fool: the one who seeks assistance with his thought, or the one who rejects it?

Each human, in a fashion prescribed by their own individuality, carries divine blood in their veins. We are, each of us, godlings walking the earth, forever working to find our way back to our celestial home.

The Golden Laurels connect the Mindsmith to Olympus, albeit tenuously, and permit him the full glory of his own divine right. It is he who carries the royal spark of life, he who grows strong, fast, wise, and kind.

When living life, it is sometimes more prudent to wield an object of power, rather than flip through a catalogued list of logical fallacies, information structures, and reference frames in your head. These are useful, to be sure. I use them myself.

But if you are bound to your bed by the coils of depression, if you find yourself overcome with anger at world events, if you have insistent dreams, if you feel pride in an achievement (but have no one to share it with), reach for the time wand. Commune with Ytilaer. Meditate upon the Decision Stone. Place the laurels upon your head–and remember where you came from.

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