Real communities are powerful and can accomplish a lot. Good, bad, important, trivial, safe, innovative. It’s really hard to predict what will come out of a community.

While solitude is good, loneliness can be terrible. It’s easy to have the illusion of connectedness through a few likes or a comment.

In retrospect, successful people seem to have had a journey that makes sense, that makes for a good narrative. Of course, these stories are fabricated after the person has reached a level of popularity that makes the story worth telling in the first place. Now, I feel very comfortable having a fluid identity and no punchy one liner to describe my work.

“My parents got married at Burning Man two years ago…”

Realising that life in general and your life in particular doesn’t have any particular meaning is liberating.

Most of the groups in my life are fluid. That’s probably a result of having lived in big cities where people come and go. I think that’s an interesting feature.

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