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  • Gabor Suhajda

    Gabor Suhajda

    UX team lead & product designer, design educator based in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Samuel Hammond

    Samuel Hammond

    Ensnared in a web of belief / Poverty @NiskanenCenter / Tech @mercatus / www.SweetTalkConversation.com

  • Lisa Mahapatra

    Lisa Mahapatra

    Design & #DataViz at @Uber. Cats, capitalism, charts. Estragon supertaster, superhater. Lapsed journalist.

  • RJ Hallsted

    RJ Hallsted

    Currently reading a lot, making a living by saving the day as a web developer, and generally doing my own thing. Also wants to go to Mars.

  • jason.potts


    Director of Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University

  • Brooke Mitchell

    Brooke Mitchell

  • Susan M. Kuhn

    Susan M. Kuhn

    Writer. Activist. Idea spreader.

  • Karla Morales-Lee

    Karla Morales-Lee

    Entrepreneurial business developer, marketing industry whistleblower. Positioning, new models, new breed talent

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