Becoming an Interintellect

The Beginning

When I joined the Interintellect community, initially I was much of an observer on forums because I was skeptical about my ability to add any value to the existing conversations. I was amazed to see fellow members sharing their insights on topics like anthropology, philosophy and art, which as a tech person I had little or no understanding of. This made me more curious about learning those and other relevant topics.

During one of the I.I. Salons (The Scientist in Society), I got to interact with a fellow attendee, Dr. John Collins, who shared great insights on physics, and his work experience in years was greater than that of my age. I feel blessed to get enlightened by such amazing people. There is so much for me to learn and the I.I. Salons are the best way to satiate my curiosity.

The Magic of the Interintellect Forums

The I.I.’s forums can do wonders: I have met so many interesting people through them. We have discussions over 100 channels every day. For example, I met Renzo in the “Math channel where he expressed his interest in studying physics. Later, I reached out to him and after exchanging several messages we finally agreed to set up a physics book club and read a book together with a small group of fellow Interintellects. We’re about to finish it next week!


Similarly, one day I saw a posting on the Interintellect’s “Jobs” channel where I learnt about the Roote Fellowship. It was posted by Rhys Lindmark, another fellow Interintellect.

After exploring Roote’s website I learnt that the initiative is designed for ambitious people interested in understanding and building future systems.

My next step was reaching out to Rhys and expressing my interest in Roote.

After a few hours I got a reply from Rhys and we set up a call. We spoke for 30 minutes — at the end of the call he encouraged me to apply for the Roote Fellowship.

I did apply, and got in with a full scholarship!

The Age of Fellowships

The Roote Fellowship (RF) is an invite-only 6-week program, designed to bring ambitious frontier people together to connect over a series of digital gatherings, 1:1 introductions and more. The goal of Roote is to clearly define a positive vision for humanity and then build out that vision by educating and empowering participants.

RF1 participants will be meeting once a week for next 6 weeks. Each week, we’re provided with online lectures and during our weekly calls we will be discussing the content provided to us. During this 6-week period RF1 fellows are expected to work on projects aligned with principles of Roote — the projects will be presented on the demo day which is at the end of the RF1 fellowship period.

I’m planning to work on “Spreading Systems Thinking” as a part of my project work during the RF1 fellowship period. I am now exploring different methods by which I can spread systems thinking to a larger audience: it is important to learn and apply systems thinking but only a few people understand what it really is.

This is now the second week of RF1 for me, and I’m eagerly waiting for the lecture materials to be shared with us. I am looking forward to a wonderful journey through this program and at the same time I encourage the ambitious frontier people who are reading this to apply for upcoming cohorts of Roote, and join this distributed group of world-class system thinkers looking to understand and build the future.

I can’t wait to share my experiences in RF1 with other fellow Interintellects at our Salons and in the I.I.’s forums — I’m so glad I came across this initiative through them.

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