A Brief Introduction to Time in Physics

In short, we can can say P = (x, y, z, t), and that (x, y, z, t) constitute a reference frame, or a moment in time, if you will.

In short, as a result of General Relativity, within Classical Mechanics, we understand that time, is non-absolute, malleable, and of course relative- but none of this cancels out the deterministic and reversible properties of time. For all intents and purposes, this would be fine, as General Relativity is one of the two most robust descriptions of the fundamental nature of the reality we inhabit- the issue is that the other most robust description of the fundamental nature of reality, disagrees intensely with this.

Of course, while there certainly is more to be said about time in Physics, via light-cones, thermodynamics, entropy, and world lines, I think the intro we’ve done so far meets our requirements. In short, Physics, while having fought valiantly to generate understanding of, uses for, and applications of time, in its theories and tools, for itself and society, does not quite know what to do with/about the mystery of time.



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