Fellow Interintellect Anwar AlKandari dives into the joys and mysteries of fiction

This essay first appeared on Anwar’s blog.

Whatever we are doing in our everyday life, it is mostly for the purpose of making the most sense out of this world. Literature, science, music, visual arts, psychology, and all fields are forever on-going attempts to put puzzle pieces of the world together and trying to get a glimpse of what’s going on. Most importantly, all of these puzzle pieces are…

These notes were written during the Silent Salon hosted by Anna Gát on 27th Feb 2021.

Like the lazy Saturday afternoon I wrote these on, they lack a clear structure. It’s mostly me thinking on paper and reflecting on the ideas I’ve been thinking about lately. If any of these interest you, and you’d like to discuss these further, feel free to hit me up here.

Permissionless agency

Remember how in The Castle, where the protagonist had an important petition to present to the King? He traveled until he came to the castle and asked the guard to let him in. The…

A few weeks ago, I attended an Interintellect Salon on Lessons from the Middle Ages. It was Part 2 of a 3 Part Series, and my fourth ever Interintellect Salon.

Since I attended four ii Salons, I guess this makes me a Salon connoisseur, an expert in Salons, and a person you should trust to give you insights into the Salon experience. Haha — just kidding! …

Interintellect Host Michelle Huang on her debut Salon with Brian Toh — and pain, healing, and identity

First published on Michelle’s blog.

– Excerpt from a story about love

Last night, a few days after Valentine’s Day, I hosted my debut Interintellect salon with my friend Brian. It…

By fellow Interintellect Brian Toh — first published on his blog

If you have never attended an Interintellect Salon, it is an absolutely lovely experience; conversations of such a diverse range of topics and ideas, very literally the most interesting conversations on the internet. Joining “the ii” has been one of my best experiences this past half a year, and I would recommend anyone to pick up a Salon if they can!

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Tuning into The Visceral

Dance and movement have played a major role in my life growing up and remains a core part of the identity I assume today. Within this past year or so, my journey with movement…

Finding Playgrounds and Playmates

First published on fellow Interintellect reddy2Go’s Substack

What if I told you, that you couldn’t depend on any organization, corporation, institution, or government? In light of all that’s happening across the world, you’d be inclined to believe me 😆

But you can and should depend on yourself and your people. For your survival, for your sustenance, and for your growth.

Dunbar’s Number

Through most of mankind’s history, we’ve lived in tribes of no more than 150, if Dunbar is to be believed. Whatever the reasons, it seemed like natural homeostasis was being maintained at that scale.

Man’s infinite hubris led us into…

By Irene Karthik — first published on her blog


A close friend confessed that she missed the human connection on the zoom calls. She longed to get back to the office and meet people in real-time. On the contrary, I have had the most beautiful conversations and productive outcomes while attending online meetings.

My best experience has been in the Interintellect Salons held online, where I had some of my most memorable moments of meaningful connection and engagement in 2020. Each experience of 3 hours long calls has been intellectually stimulating, but they seem to have cracked the code for creating a series of “human moments” for most of…

By Étienne Fortier-Dubois

This essay first appeared on Étienne Fortier-Dubois’s personal blog.

You’re sitting in a math class in university. The professor is writing a proof on the blackboard.

You’re extremely focused. The logic is spelled out with perfect clarity. Each step makes sense.

Then, the instructor utters a word-perhaps “obviously” or “trivially”-and proceeds to write the last line of the proof.

You blink once.


You read the result a couple of times. You frown. It doesn’t make sense anymore. Something happened between the last two lines of the proof, but you have no idea what.

This proof wasn’t obvious to you…

Even more instructive than our mental models may be our mental mythologies

By Daniel Golliher

This story was first published on Daniel’s blog.

Many are familiar with the idea of mental models, or mental frameworks, and why they’re useful. But I have another tool: mental mythologies. These are stories that subsume a great deal of thought and compress it into a visual form that I can mentally manipulate.

As I will explain in the small exegesis that follows this story, mythologies are useful when humans encounter their age-old, traditional follies: hubris, wrath, melancholy, &c. These rob our intellect of its full power, and the failsafe is a well-structured myth.

I was in an Interintellect salon

By Lorenzo Evans for the Interintellect — first published on his blog

In preparation for the next Olympia Academy event via the Interintellect, entitled Running Out of Time: The Temporal Dimension, I thought it might be useful to give a brief rundown on some of the ways we work with time in Physics.

I think one of the key issues with solving the mystery of time, is that we don’t have very much going for us in the way of classifying it as a phenomenon: we talk about time relative to other things, in the same way that we only…


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